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With a remarkable history spanning over 49 years, Easy Computers has been serving the South African business community with excellence. As the first Black-Indian computer company in South Africa, Easy Computers originated in 1974 as a data processing bureau, gradually transforming into a comprehensive Information Technology solutions provider.

Initially, Easy Computers specialized in offering data processing services for payroll and accounting functions on IBM microcomputers. As the computer industry progressed and PCs became prominent, Easy Computers swiftly adapted to the latest technologies, migrating its software to DOS and enabling clients to run the software on-site.

Continuing to evolve, Easy Computers expanded its offerings to include computer hardware, networking solutions, and technical support for the South African business community. With the advent of the internet in South Africa at the end of the 20th century, Easy Computers embraced the opportunity and provided Point of Sale (POS) systems, internet connections, and a diverse range of business solutions, including online backups, to both businesses and individuals.

Today, Easy Computers goes beyond conventional services by offering Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), establishing secure private networks for businesses nationwide. This dedicated and round-the-clock supported network grants customers instant access to their data from any location within their business premises.


  • Our mission is to deliver comprehensive IT services to businesses of all sizes in South Africa, catering to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises alike.
  • We strive to develop software solutions that empower our clients to effectively run their businesses while maintaining cost efficiency.
  • Additionally, we are dedicated to fostering the growth and skill development of our employees, providing them with opportunities to enhance their expertise and expand their horizons.

At Easy Computers, we exclusively offer top-tier brands known for their excellence.